The Black eyed peas in black hole


There are rumours that The Black eyes peas has fallen apart. The reasons are unknown yet but some are saying its because of Fergie Rehab due to her husband. Overall The black eyed peas have done well throughout the world. At the moment its said that they are working on their next album as well but this rumour of their broken apart is disturbing for the fans.

Fergie, Will, Taboo and have worked immensely for the success of the black eyed peas. Now this rumour is something that might create history in the media world. We have seen it always happens when good bands simply fall apart. Like Spice girls, Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, Boyzone, Take that and many more.

The media is trying to get hands on the group but none of them is commenting on this rumour. Is it true and thats why they are not commenting or its just a rumour spread by some media specialists. The black eyed peas group members have worked individually and did not had any kind of problems before then why now.
Fergie is having problem but this could not be the reason as there was no news before that she is not giving time to the group or so. Also Will is coming along well and has done individual work but still no rumour about the break. I hope this is just a rumour and nothing more then that.

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