Cameron Diaz beauty blunder


There are rumours that Cameron Diaz is going to come back in her original pace where she used to be. It means that she is going all nude in her upcoming movie. There was a time after the success of the movie “The mask”that she is the next super actress of Hollywood. She was but in the last few years she lost her charm and also her beauty.

But now she is coming back with a bang. Its said that she is working out on daily basis and also working on her beauty. She is having beauty massages, skin toning and body toning. Cameron Diaz has a lot of freckles and this was clearly seen in her last movie with Tom Cruise.

In the close up she looked extremely old but now in her upcoming movie its said that she is going to look like the way she did in the movie “The mask”. She is also working on figure and making her figure up to date. Its said that she is working to make her two categories of vital statistics grow bigger.

In her upcoming movie the other stars are kept secret but the story relates about a medical doctor who falls in love with her patient and gets personal with him. This is a sizzling story but what’s the end no one knows. Hurray for Cameron Diaz for coming back with a bang.

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