Fergie rehab stage


Fergie due to her marriage problems is in a private rehab centre.  The rehab name and place is kept secret. But she is there due to her husband love affair with Camille Belle. Josh Duhamel the transformer movie fame guy says there is nothing wrong with Fergie and she is at home happy. Whereas the media gossip says that she is not and she is suffering from anxiety and tension.

Fergie had found about the relationship of her husband few months back. She is trying to make it out of it but she is not getting the support she requires. She loves her husband and cannot live without him. That is why she is taken to a private rehab. It’s said that she had started taking drugs and a lot of alcohol intake.

Now she is taken to rehab, the doctors there are trying to cope with the situation. Josh Duhamel Fergie’s husband is also a little tensed with this situation. He did not think that it would get out of hands. Every now and then celebrities do have relationships. Josh and Fergie have been together and happy. But this new development is making it worse.

There is a possible chance that the private detective hired by Fergie made false statements and provided fake clues to Fergie. The reason is that Josh has admitted that he cannot live without her and there is no way he could cheat on her.

For Fergie its hard to digest that there is nothing between Josh and Camille Belle. Hope everything turns out good. And what is a rumour stays as a rumour not a reality.

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