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There are rumours that Pamela Anderson is coming back to Baywatch but this time its going to be Baywatch India. Yes, India is launching its Baywatch program. Its going to huge and the producers believe it will be the most seen program ever in the Indian TV history.

Pamela Anderson will take part in the first season of the Baywatch and then will leave the show. She has been asked to work to because she has fan following and it was because of her basically that she got famous.

The other Indian actresses and actors are unknown at the moment but rumours say that those will be contracted who have sexy figures and body and fan following. Some are taking the names of the following celebrities like Neha Dhuphia, Sophie Chaudry, Hansika Motwani, Negar khan,  Sonu Nigam, Vivek Oberoi and Arshad Warsi. Well some do not have a nice figure its said that they have started working on it.

The contract is already offered to Pamela and the other Indian celebrities. Soon it will be official and will be launched. This is a big news to see Indian Baywatch and to see Pamela Anderson again in it. I am sure Neha Dhuphia will always play an important part in it as she got a nice figure and a nice height.

Negar Khan is out of the limelight but she is still heart breaker for many. I am sure her inclusion would make it more sizzling. Hansika Motwani is one of the cutest actresses in India. She is still young and has a long way to go. Her inclusion in Baywatch creates a competition she is fit, hot, sexy and has a nice figure.

Another edition to this Indian series of Baywatch is the sexy and cute Sophie Chaudry. She is sweet, lovely and awesome. She is known for her sexy roles in the movie. Now she is going to perform as a life saver in the Indian Baywatch series.

Sonu Nigam the famous Indian singer is known throughout the world. His acting skills are not up to the mark. But this time he is asked to play a life saver and even sing the title song for Baywatch in Hindi. Vivek Oberoi is having problems in his career but this Baywatch series will give him a great come back. Finally Arshad 

Warsi is also added in the star line as the Indian producers think that Indian Baywatch has to have a comic character and Arshad Warsi is the best option available to them.

The language of the program is going to be Hindi so that the masses could understand it. Even though Baywatch original is in English and even millions around the world did not understand English even then it was a big hit. We can understand that it was not the language that made it hit but the sizzling stories and scenes that made it huge.

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