Eminem wants Cameron Diaz


There are rumours that Eminem and Cameron Diaz are seeing each other. Actually they both got together as Eminem has asked his record producer to cast Cameron Diaz in his upcoming music video. He said that she is the right choice for it and believes she can play perform better than normal models or actresses available. 

Eminem’s new song “Give it, Take it, Hate it, Love it” relates to the society and the issues relating to it.
In this song Eminem is going to highlight the societal issues related to American Society. The name of the above song is just a rumour as its not yet confirm. The issues such as rape, robbery, killings in schools, racialism and other issues that are making the society worse is going to be highlighted in the music video and the lyrics.

Cameron Diaz as yet not confirmed anything about Eminem’s contact to her. She said that she is not sure about working in a music video and especially when you know the other artist always produces controversial songs. Like one he did against the American President Bush with the song “MOSH”. Then he also made a mockery of Michael Jackson with surgery issues.

Cameron Diaz have concerns with Eminem new song.  She said if he will then the media will know. But at the moment it seems like Cameron Diaz is hiding something. I guess she wants to work in it as at the moment she is not getting the fame she wants to get. As her last movie with Tom Cruise, her acting was criticized.
Eminem wants Cameron to have a societal role in the music video as a wife, as a mother, as a daughter and as a social worker. The issues faced by a woman in America. He wants her to be playing it and he is serious about it. But at the moment when media contacted Cameron Diaz she is reluctant to accept this rumour as a truth.

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