Common slaps Ryan Raynolds


There are rumors surrounding this actor. Its said that he got drunk in a private party and slapped another Hollywood celebrity. The celebrity got slapped the rumours say is Ryan Raynolds. Both of them are unique in their work and have 6 Packs.

Common who performed well in Terminator 4 and Ryan Raynolds also performed as a bold role in Blade trinity were invited at a friends birthday party. The party was going smoothly till this incident happened.

It happened because Ryan Raynolds at the party was surrounded by girls more whereas Common was considered so common.  At this time he was not drunk but was jealous and angry. He started off drinking heavily and his friends tried to stop him as to not drink much as guys and girls here have cameras and cell phones. As if someone took pictures or made video then it could easily be sold to the media.

Common who is a rapper and actor did not bother about it and was simply ignoring his friends and concentrating only on Ryan Raynolds. Finally, the time came when he was completely drunk. First he started using swearing words to Ryan. Ryan ignored him because he knew he is drunk so no need to react to it.

Finally Common had a brawl with him. Friends intervened and stopped it before it got out of hand. But its said that Common first hit Ryan Raynolds on his face that is a slap on his face. This was the thing that had ignited a brawl between them. At the moment media personal are trying to get video and pictures of these famous celebrities.

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