Rachel Weisz marry Hugh Grant


There are rumours that Rachel Weisz is in connection with Hugh Grant. Both are British and both have many things in common. Rachel Weisz has done many movies in Hollywood. Her famous movie is the mummy and Constantine.

Rachel is an excellent actress and her British accent makes her sweet.  She is doing vibrant roles in her upcoming movies. Rachel and Hugh met each other at a dinner. They both have common friend and he invited both of them at his London house.

The meeting let to another meeting and so on. Its said that they are seeing each other for a while and are serious about their relationship. Rachel Weisz at the moment is concentrating completely on Hugh Grant. Its been ages Hugh’s new movie is not seen in Hollywood.

High Grant had previously relationship with Elizbeth Hurley. Their relationship did not lasted that long. But they both enjoyed a lot celebrity hype. Now Hugh and Rachel relationship is creating a lot of media hype. The rumours are getting up and up especially in British media.

Some rumours say that they are getting married soon this year. They both are arranging the marriage party and church. Rachel Weisz has also said that she is not going to do anymore sizzling scenes in the movie as she is seeing someone and is about to get married.

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