Selena Gomez "Dies"


Selena Gomez dies in her next romantic movie. Well she is playing as a lead artist in the remake of the movie crush. In first sequel it was alicia silverstone and now its selena gomez. Rumors are there that this time the story will have a twist and more glamor than before.

Selena young rich spoiled girl fells in love with this teacher. The story is almost the same just that the characters have a new meaning with new cast. The twist comes at the end when selena tries to kill her teacher and also at the end of the movie she does suicide.

Yes this is the twist selena gomez dies in the sequel of crush 2. Rumors say that selena not only be the lead artist also she is going to sing for the title song for the movie. Its said that it will be a fusion of rock and classical. Selena when approached about the movie she simply denied it. And said,"its good that is a remake but its not me".

But the hollywood sources are confirming that selena is happy about it as finally she will be working in some serious roles than the witch thing. Other lead artists have not been selected yet but some say it might be an indian guy. The name that is coming up its amir khan. Well it would be a dream come true if it is amir khan. But i seriously doubt its him. Anyways why selena because she still got the looks of a teenager and i guess that will remain with her forever.

Selena gomez will do something else in the movie. Sources say that for the first time selena will reveal her skin to the world. its not confirm it will be complete or just like alicia silverstone what she did in crush sequel part 1. I guess only time will tell whats true and whats not but something interesting will be seen.

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