Botox for Gen. Gaddafi to uplift his disfigure face


There are rumors that gen. gaddafi has already left libya and the reports that are seen on media that he does not want to leave libya are not true. He his sending messages from some other country where he is safe. But another shocking news is that gen. gaddafi is going for botox.

His 200 escort of beautiful female body gaurds want their prince to look beautiful and pretty like them. So they have suggested him to have botox and uplift his monkey face and look beautiful. Gen. gaddafi before did not bother this but as he is not the ruler of libya anymore, so he has decided to have botox before he completely loses his face.

Its said that botox will help him in making his face look 10 year younger than what he is right now. Gen. gaddafi is happy about the botox campaign and is going to suggest to other political leaders who are old and or have disfigure face.

Gen. Gaddafi the botox king among all the Political Leaders of the world. Hurry Gaddafi

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