Jennifer Connelly in Rehab


The sources are saying that jennifer connelly is under a lot mental stress. She has not been in touch with the mass audience. That she is losing her touch and masses prefer new faces. This is something which is disturbing her a lot. And because of this she is in stress. As there was a time when she was loved by millions and one should remember when she was young. She is now 40 and moving on with old body.

She has shown herself to the world before. Her mental rehab sources say is working fine. She wants to come back quick as two movies of her are coming out this year and she has no big believe that they will be a success on the market. She wants to be back with a bang.

That is why jennifer connelly is now a days also contacting her friends and colleagues in hollywood to offer her a role which she has never played before. And also she is ready to do anything. It feels like she is desperate and wants a complete turn around in her life.

Why is that whenever someone is down they just want to do anything to get up. I guess money, glamor and sex just rocks people mind. There is more to life than just these three things. Jennifer Connelly should get her gear ready as it will not be easy for the years to come.

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