Rose Byrne is The Gladiator 2


This is something which no one is expecting. Gladiator part 2 is being planned. Russel Scott and  rose byrne will be together this time in the second part. Rose Byrne will be a princess who has a relationship with the gladiator. But the gladiator is sent off to win war for the king. The king deliberately sents off the gladiator so that he could not mingle with his daughter.

This is the story told by the sources. Actually the person to look out for is not just Russel Scott but also is Rose Byrne as she an awesome role to play for. Its said that the gladiator in this movie becames the enemy of the empire and fights against the princess as king has already been killed.

The story has drama and rose byrne has action and sex scenes to play for. Rose has a lot to offer and that is why she has been given this role. The director of the movie believes she has the potential and she has shown them in her previous movies.

This role is demanding and has a lot action scenes. That is why Rose Byrne these days is scene working out in gym to tone her up body and make muscles.

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