Jennifer Lopez is a hard drinker


Jennifer lopez is an alcoholic. She is getting addicted to drinks so much that now a days she is coming to parties almost drunk. Reason of this behavior is unknown to media but rumors are spreading out.

Rumor 1:

There are rumors that jennifer lopez had fell in love again and this time she was dam serious about him. But that guy dumped him as he could not afford to lose his fame. Like before jennifer lopez could have gone for suicidal attempts but she quickly got out of it with alcohol. The guy name that turns out to be in this matter is Matt Damon. Its bit strange but rumors say it is him. Matt Damon and J Lo, hmmmmmmmm that is really strange.

Rumor 2:

Jennifer lopez still has'nt come out of her previous relationships mental state and that is why she is an alcoholic now. She even went to rehab for it which no one knows. And this rehab was not anywhere else but inside her own home. The doctors and group of nurses and staff were there all the time with her to help her out of this rehab. She did come out but soon she is back on the same drinking habit.

Rumor 3:

Jennifer lopez was all set to launch her own fitness video. The producer who was working her ran away. Actually they both had partner ship but when her partner realized that she is too old for this stuff he simply refused to spend any more money. 30% of this fitness video had already been shot. Now J lo is in tension that  who will produce this fitness video with her. As its very costly and millions of dollars are still required for it.

Well these are some of the rumors that are happening around j lo. J lo is very stressed out and going hard on drinking. I guess she needs someone really bad.

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