Rachel Bilson Hates her Role in Jumper 2


Rachel Bilson is not happy to work in jumper 2. The reasons are that she also wanted to be part of the action but she was denied by the director saying that her role is romantic and glamorous but not of an action babe. But rachel insisted that she should have given a chance as she believed that she can perform action as well.

Rumors say that jumper 2 will be more magnificent than the last part. This time more villans and more supporting actors. Also that there is another female artist who will be playing a jumper role in it. The female artist is kept secret as they the director does not want to reveal it yet.

Rachel Bilson was angry at this female artist as well because the role she wanted is given to someone else. Anyways there are rumors that Rachel Bilson will go naked this time in jumper 2. Well naked not for the hero but for a girl. WOW.

I guess something new will be seen from her side.

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