Katy Perry Kisses Gerard Butler

There are rumours that Katy Perry was seen with Gerard Butler in Los Angles elite area restaurant. She was there alone with him. Meaning, the whole restaurant was booked and no one else was allowed except the restaurant staff. Such kind of things happens usually in movies but it happened in real for Katy Perry and Gerard Butler.
Katy Perry with Gerard hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Katy Perry is more famous than him but then why Gerard. Perhaps they are in love or perhaps currently they are in a relation just to get more hype from the media. The rumour was revealed by one of the restaurant media. The rumours say that soon pictures will be leaked to show the proof of this meeting. Katy Perry also kissed Gerard many a times and it showed that they are in love said by the restaurant staff. Katy Perry is young and very good performer who does not need cheap media coverage. Maybe she is in love with him or maybe it is just a rumour or maybe she is shooting for her next video in which Gerard is the hero. Only time can let us if it is true or not but Katy Perry is currently the pop sensation who is more stronger than Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber and many more. Read this sizzler: Jessica Simpson bold and beautiful
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