Sandra Bullock got slapped

There are rumours that Sandra Bullock was moving around in market. She was looking around for a specific shop. She bumped into a guy and she quickly said sorry. She thought that the man in return would say sorry as well but to her shock she could not believe what he had said.
He used the F word for her and told her to get lost. Sandra Bullock could believe that she was walking in a society where normally people are nice and polite but the guy who was well dressed. Sandra told him that he should behave but he did not and kept on using the F word frequently. Sandra realized that it is useless to talk to such a person who does not know how to talk to a woman. She was about to turn around that guy simply slapped her. Sandra Bullock could not believe it. She started crying loudly and the people gathered around. Even nearby police came as well. By the time everyone came that guy has ran away in his car. Some say the number of the car was noted and some say they did not see anything just hear the sound of scream. Sandra Bullock is still in shock that why that guy had slapped her as there was nothing bad happening at that particular time. Perhaps her Zodiac was running bad at that time.
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