Kareena Kapoor slaps Mallika Sherawat


There are rumours that Kareena Kapoor recently slapped Mallika Sherawat at a party. What is the reason for this. Well its said that Mallika Sherawat as we know is more famous for item number girl than for her acting skills. She was offered an item song which was extreme hot and sexy and with naughty visuals. Its said that she refused to work in it not that it was a dirty song but because the producer did not agree to the demand of Mallika Sherawat. 

She was demanding more than her worth and producer said no and told her that i will pay Kareena Kapoor that amount of money than you as your not worth that much. So Mallika said in return fine go and pay her and get her.
Well the producer name is kept secret but he did contact Kareena Kapoor and did offer her. Well to his like she accepted the offer. Wow, Kareena Kapoor once again in a sexy dirty song and this time more naughty. Kareena had good terms with the producer and said that she will do the item song. We know these days item songs number trend is back on the track.

This news came out to the Indian cinema and also o Mallika Sherawat who had first refused to work because of monetary value. Now as Kareena had accepted it she got jealous and called up the produced and used bad slang and told him that it should have been her than Kareena. Producer told her to get a grip and move on as the role is now offered to Kareena as she has accepted it. This is something really bad for an item girl to get ignored and more famous and senior actress takes over. This is what happened with Mallika Sherawat as well.

Here comes the interesting part about the slap party. Mallika Sherawat and Kareena Kapoor were invited at a local party. They both had a common friend. None of them knew about they are coming and also the common friend did not know that they had problems between them. Well Mallika approached Kareena and told her in Hindi that she should get a grip and get out of that item song number category.

Kareena said that producer offered and accepted it. But Mallika wanted to do it. This made her angry and finally she tried to slap Mallika Sherawat but in return Kareena slapped Mallika two three times infront of everyone. Mallika also retaliated but could not hit her that hard but Kareena Kapoor was successful with this shot.

Mallika Sherawat left the party at that very time and she was crying at that moment. The common friend tried to stop her but could not. Media tried to contact her but she refused to say anything about it and even Kareena Kapoor refused to say anything about this comment. Well a new war with for an item song has started in bollywood industry. Who will win this war? Kareena the new item girl or Mallika Sherawat the senior item girl will win this war.

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