Madonna Darling

Madonna recently confessed that she is sick and tired of media hype about her and especially about her daughter. She said that she wants her daughter to be saved from this media world. She wants the media to only speak the truth about her and her family but that is not happening. As wherever she goes with her daughter the paparazzi are there to take the pictures or video.

Madonna revealed that she is going to launch her daughter as a model as she wants a modelling career but at the moment she does not want rumours to be surrounded about her daughter. Madonna is worried these days and paparazzi tension is making her psycho. She is even taking some therapy from her friend who is a psychologist.

Madonna Darling wants fame and money for her girl but not at the moment. She has revealed these things to her close friends. Madonna wants the things to work slow and good. She has seen and ups and ups in her life. She has always had success in whatever role she played in her life. Madonna has done singing, acting and modelling and also many other things in life and always a winner.

This is the same she wants for her daughter. The rumours say that she even might want to have her book sex 3 published with her daughter. But these are just rumours. Speculations are just made from the media personal. Madonna has been nude, semi nude and done every nude role she could. She wants good things for her daughter as well but not yet. She is praying that media will try to have a stop at this nonsense and keep away from her daughter.

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