Beyonce bikini photo shoot calendar

There are rumours that Beyonce is signing a contract with W magazine for a bikini calendar photo Shoot. As we all know that Beyonce is a good singer and also a great actor but above all has a very curvy body to die for. Her figure is something million of girls want to have it. She is hot, hot and super hot lady.

Her bum/ ass are beautiful and millions die for it. The photo shoot will be basically focused on her curvy body and especially her ass and back. We have seen in her music videos and live stage performances that how much she shows and on which part of the body she always focuses. This is what W magazine wants to focus as well and sell to their consumers.

Beyonce at the moment has not confirmed this rumour. She is completely denying such thing and saying that she does not need to do this as she is already famous and has loads of money so why to have such a photo shoot just for the sake of money. The whole world knows about her ass so the questions why.

The reason is that she is going to be paid heavenly. A total of 20$ million will be given for signing the contract. A total of three photo shoots will take place. One will be about bikini, second will be about semi nude photo shoot and the final one will be about the curvy figure with nude and semi nude poses. Let’s see when it comes out to the market. 

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